Co-Directors Danna and Ciara Co-Directors Danna and Ciara Founder Ciara Barnes Ciara has over 6 years of experience in natural pageants! 197189655 Mother and Daughter team! We are a team that is dedicated to helping YOU succeed in HeartShine. 197189656 Danna Mack-Barnes Danna is always ready to answer any and all questions you may have! 197189657 Team HeartShine! HeartShine has over 5 annual pageants a year, contact us to find out which one is right for you! 197189660 Ciara's Purpose! Ciara founded HeartShine because she LOVES natural pageants. Confidence, sisterhood, and community service! 197189661 Ciara's Crowning Moment Miss American Coed 2013 197189663 Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree! We've got your back! 197189664 Disneyland Ciara was also a castmember and entertainment performer at the Disneyland Resort! 197189665 Ciara's Journey! Whether you're brand new to pageants or an old pro - HeartShine has something for everyone! 197189667 197189668 Ciara has held prestigious pageant titles such as: Miss Teen Butte Country (2010), Talent Winner (National American Miss 2011), Miss California (USA Ambassador 2013), Miss Pacific States (Miss American Coed 2014). 197189669