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Where do I get started?

The HeartShine Foundation welcomes every new contestant whether this is your first pageant or you're a seasoned contestant. First, look to see if there is an upcoming pageant near you in the "Pageant Calendar" tab. If there is a pageant in your area, follow the links to that pageant's paperwork and information. If you don't see a pageant in your area, there are other ways you can represent your hometown, state or region with a HeartShine title. These include written applications for City Queen titles, National Finalist representation, and even the possibility of bringing a brand new HeartShine pageant to your hometown. Inquire about all these options by emailing: [email protected]   We celebrate what makes you uniquely YOU,

You do not need pageant coaching, expensive attire, etc. to succeed at a HeartShine pageant.

Where do I send my fees?

Once you find the pageant that's right for you, you can get started by submitting your deposit. Each pageant has a listed deposit and "contestant entry fee," which is the required amount to compete. Additionally, some HeartShine pageants also offer the opportunity to compete in Talent, Spokesmodel, Modeling, and other separately-judged optional contests for an additional fee.

What if I can't afford a pageant?

HeartShine pageants seek to provide opportunity to outstanding young women regardless of socioeconomic status. For this reason, we keep our entry fees as low as we can. Also, there are ways for contestants to raise all funds through a combination of scholarship, fundraising opportunities, and sponsorship drives. HeartShine is dedicated to remaining one of the lowest cost systems while also maintaining elite crown and sash awards, once-in-a-lifetime travel and vacation opportunities, and premier pageant events. For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please email: [email protected]

I've never done a pageant before and I'm worried I won't fit in.

Don't be! HeartShine is different than anything out there and you will feel welcome. With HeartShine, everyone belongs because there is no one type of girl who does our pageants. We have drummers, roller derby girls, future lawyers, future Miss America contestants, country girls, flight attendants, lifeguards, nurses, CEO's and city/county queens. There are those who prefer to ride in a full ballgown in their local parade and those who live for the community service events and give-back programs where we dress in jeans. HeartShine Girls are shy, spontaneous, sporty, techie,  glamazons, outgoing, nerdy, passionate - and each unique! Titleholders love their gorgeous crowns but they also love what it stands for: a pageant system of sisters. We hold each other up in positive sisterhood. We celebrate opportunity through service to others, kindness, compassion, differences and diversity. We hope to welcome YOU to our HeartShine family soon!

HeartShine Titleholders

participate and support dozens of fairs, parades and festivals annually
HeartShine Miss California Queen of Distinction is also a poster girl for Shriner's Children's Hospital, her platform. She is not only a queen but a warrior. With her grandmother by he side, she's always giving back in many ways -children's hospitals, blue star moms, animal shelters, A.H.A. and more... and dancing the whole way!

Miss HeartShine USA 2016-2017

National Queens Royal Court, Gold Country Main Stage