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If you won a top title award at a HeartShine pageant with a satin sash (or upgraded to a satin sash), you can start earning your way towards getting your first name embroidered on the back of your banner. This is a special award for those who have shown outstanding dedication to community service. You need 10 points to qualify, as detailed below. Once you have reached this level, fill out the following form and make sure to have a parent or guardian (if under 18) sign off on your hours. 

Name embroidery is a special privilege, and is not required.


1 hour of community service in crown and sash at a pre-approved event = 1 point 

contestant referral to a theme, regional, or state contest = 3 points

initiation of a new type of local community service project as a HeartShine titleholder = 1 point

Pictures of all logged community service should be available if needed. Take a picture of you/your titleholder at every event (in crown and sash).

 All embroidery must be through the official HeartShine headquarters. Embroidery/sash detailing can NOT be done separately unless it is accompanied by prior written approval. Do not get your child's/your sash embroidered at a local shop. 

Thank you for your understanding.