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Marysville, CA

Sunday, June 25th 2017

Ages 11-24 for Miss Peach Festival

Ages 3-10 For Little Miss Peach Blossom

Lee Burrows Art Center

The Miss Peach Festival pageant is a HeartShine regional contest. The HeartShine pageant system provides incredible crown, sash, prize packages, and opportunities for our queens. Miss Peach Festival contestants will compete in three judged portions of competition, "Personal Introduction," "Formal Wear," and "On-Stage Question." 

The "Community Service Project' is a portion that is completed when the contestant brings new art supplies with them to registration on the day of the pageant. These art supplies from the pageant's "Community Service Project" drive will be delivered by the new Miss Peach Festival royal court to Autism and Special-Education departments and centers in the Marysville area.

PDF downloads for Contestant paperwork is bellow:

Other 2017 Pageant Events (Dates TBA)

HeartShine  offers four levels of pageant experience:  Fundraiser Pageants, Themed Pageants, and State Pageants.

Pageants By Experience-Level

Fundraiser Pageants

are simple, no-experience needed special events designed as a special charity event for an organization. They require only ONE outfit from start to finish  and cost only $35 dollars to compete. Fundraiser Pageants include the annual Miss Courageous (Special Needs),  Summer-Harvest Pageant Events (aka Pageant in the Park), and the Gold Nugget Baby Contest.

Themed Pageants

are entry-level experiences that may require up to two outfits, and may offer limited "optional" contests such as Talent or Photogenic. These are excellent practice for State. They cost only $50 or $75 to compete, and are great for beginners who have never competed in a pageant before. Similarly, they require only three basic judged portions of overall competition which, typically, are: the Personal Introduction, the On-Stage Presentation, and On-Stage Question. However, each theme pageant is a little different, so look for more information on the specific Theme pageant you're interested in. Annual themed pageants include Mini-Miss California/Nevada, , Miss Peach Festival, Little Miss Peach Blossom, Miss Fourth of July, and Miss Sierra Nevada.

State Pageants

offer exclusive title packages and experiences that often take place over a three-day weekend . They are involved, competitive, and extraordinarily fun. State-level pageants are the only level of HeartShine competition that offer the opportunity to win Scholarship for titleholders. Optional contests, sisterhood-building leadership activities, and resume-building community service titles are all a part of State pageants. State-level pageants require multiple outfit changes, preparation, and pre-registration. A 60-second Personal Introduction, On-Stage Presentation in a full-length formal gown, Interview, and other segments of competition instill real-world skills in the contestants and offer unique leadership opportunities. 

Please visit  http://www.heartshine.net/state-pageant  for more information about HeartShine's State Pageant(s).