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Miss Santa Barbara 2016

and Miss Teen Santa Barbara

Contestant Info

October 1st (Finale)

Santa Barbara, Ca 

Ages 15-24

Introducing the first live Southern California HeartShine pageant, focused on supporting and celebrating driven young women in the Santa Barbara community and beyond. The HeartShine Foundation is a well-known, respected pageant system

with over 5 years of success, making pageants accessible to those of all experience levels. We are unique in what contestants are judged on: real-world skills such as interview, confidence,

poise, eloquence, and community service passion, and never

superficial considerations such as ‘beauty,’ physique, or

swimming-suit-strutting. We are open to all genders,

sexualities, races, and religions and regularly work alongside both local and national charities to increase access to the life-changing experience of pageantry.

Please join us today for the chance to become a Santa Barbara queen!

Thanks for being interested in HeartShine's first Miss Santa Barbara Pageant!

Check up on pages like these to find out more about us:

Send your $25 deposit to HeartShine's Headquarter office through mail or Paypal. This will save your spot in your age category as well as send you Contestant Packet #1 so you can start preparing for this experience of a lifetime! Yes, age categories do fill quickly so don't delay!


HeartShine Foundation - attn: Miss Santa Barbara

6616 Clark Rd. #200

Paradise, Ca 95969


After your deposit has processed, look for your Contestant Packet #1 in your email or mailbox (whichever your prefer). This packet will include the following information and more:

- information about fundraising and scholarships

- judging criteria

- hot tips and tricks

- Optional contest info (such as Talent and Miss Americana)

- two free tickets to the Finale on Oct. 1st

- history of the HeartShine Foundation legacy

Stay updated on deadlines and specials to make sure you don't miss out!

Scholarship Application

Due September 1st

those with financial need may

apply for 1/2 contestant entry fee

3-Optional Package

enter two Optionals,

get one off-stage Optional free

HeadShot Program Book

Due September 14th

Contestants will have their headshot (school photo is fine) printed in the pageant's program book

Practice for the event's judged portions of competition and fill out your Info Sheet (for Teens) or complete a Resume (for Miss). Your Info Sheet/Resume will be looked at by the Interview panel of judges, and a "First Impression" score will account for 20% of the overall Interview Score weight. 

Additionally, please prepare for all three phases of competition, the Interview, the On-Stage Presentation and the Personal Introduction. More information about what to expect will be in Contestant Packet #1. If you need to borrow a gown from the HeartShine Share closet, please submit your request no later than September 1st.

Get ready for the opportunity of a lifetime by working on your goals, interests, and hobbies! HeartShine titleholders are exemplary in their academic, extracurricular, entrepreneurial, and social activities. What will be your HeartShine girl legacy? See you at the pre-pageant workshop Friday, September 30th!

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