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HeartShine Pageant's Nominations for "Best in Pageantry" Awards

We're honored to be nominated for 5 total "Best in Pageantry" awards from Pageant Planet! Check back in soon to see how you can vote for HeartShine in upcoming "best of" awards and press releases.

Do you have a Heart that Shines?

Through innovative scoring criteria, our pageants look for those who are confident, authentic, and kind. We are looking for volunteer service-minded community leaders of all ages to represent HeartShine in the new year.


Shine on.

Since 2012, HeartShine has been shaking up the pageant world with our friendly and engaging pageants and community service events, confidence-building workshops, prestigious titles, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. 

Contact us for more information about how to sign up for HeartShine Pageantry, become a sponsor of a contestant in your community, or to book HeartShine titleholders for your event.

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