Sisterhood. Leadership. Opportunity.     

Meet Your Direcors

The Mother-Daughter Duo

Ciara Mack

aka "Miss HeartShine"

Danna Mack-Barnes

aka "DannaMomma"

Founder & Co-Director,

Southern California Branch Manager

"My brain is half Disney facts, 30 percent pageant facts, 

20 percent the last song I listened to - 

and it's all running on coffee."


Northern California Branch Manager

"Wear your glitter proudly, 

adjust your crown, 

and keep your chin up.

 A queen is a queen not because she is perfect,

 but because she is honest and she is kind."

Regional Coordinators

Ali Shelton 

Marysville Area

What does "HeartShine" mean to you?

"Heartshine" is the beauty that shines from your heart and shows who you are as a person. It is your true character inside yourself.

What is special about Marysville? About the Peach Festival?

Marysville is special in more ways than I can count! It is rich in history, diverse in culture, and in that diversity I find Marysville is willing to come together and celebrate. There is also the beauty to be found in in the streets, especially if you’re a local like me!

Why does your pageant, Miss Peach Festival, benefit Autism Awareness?

The Miss Peach Festival Pageant benefits Autism Awareness because it is a cause near and dear to me. My little brother, Connor, is currently on the spectrum and as a child, watching him get bullied at first only hurt and upset me. Now, however, I have transformed my frustration into a passion. I am learning more about autism becoming an ally. People on the spectrum have wants and needs just like the rest of us, they just have to do things a little different than others. 


Reyna Hernandez

Paradise/Chico Area                                                           

What's it like being in a HeartShine-girl family?

It's wonderful! it gives us an opportunity to meet new people and make friendships that will last a lifetime. It also give us a chance to serve and make a difference in our community. We absolutely love being a HeartShine Family!

In what ways are you and the Titleholders in your family involved in the Latino/Chicano community of Northern California?

Jenny, my daughter, has helped events put on by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Chico, CA, representing her Miss HeartShine USA Jr Teen title. She was even personally invited to their Mexico Independence Day celebration, where she was given the honor of holding both the Mexican and the American Flag while they sang the national anthems. Through the Miss Silver Star pageant, HeartShine will extend into the Hispanic community where culture, language, and diversity will be celebrated.


Emily Grace Fluke

Susanville/Sierra Nevada Area

Emily, you are a seasoned pageant competitor. How is HeartShine different from other pageant systems you've been involved with?

I feel that Heartshine has a stronger sense of sisterhood than other systems I've competed in, and I certainly love that it puts an emphasis on giving back to your community and helping others.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

The best piece of advice I've ever received was from my grandma at my very first pageant. She told me "expect nothing and you won't be disappointed." This really helped me a lot in my first few years of pageantry because you never know what could happen. She taught me to always try your best and to not expect anything to be handed to you without hard work.

How is your pageant, Miss Sierra Nevada, different from other HeartShine contests? 

Miss Sierra Nevada will give everyone a chance to compete in a pageant. So many mom's and girls who have aged out of pageants have come to me saying they wish they did pageants when they had the chance - now they won't have to wish anymore! It's going to be great to have girls and women of all ages to have this opportunity to make a difference.

Southern California Counsel Members

Sandarbh Tripathi

UCSB Theater and Dance Department

Consultant for event planning, coordinating, and support for 

Miss Santa Barbara 

Trusted theater coach and adviser to Ciara Mack 

Kelli Coleman

UCSB Theater and Dance Department

"Miss Americana" specialist for Miss Santa Barbara pageant

Chief Strategy Officer - Miss Americana Optional Contest

Grant-Writing Specialist

Alesha Claveria

second year Ph.D. student UC Santa Barbara

event coordinating specialist

VIP volunteer